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Asphalt Sealing FAQ

Driveway Sealed house

VR PERO  will provide you with the highest quality sealer that your driveway needs.  


Our service technicians are highly experienced, ensuring  you get an even coat with no overspray on your curbs or garage door.


Services offered for asphalt sealing include: Asphalt Sealing Crack repair Pot Hole repair Ramps

Water Absorption :     Your asphalt surface is very porous, similar to a sponge. Asphalt that is not sealed lets large amounts of water seep into and underneath its surface. This causes your asphalt's foundation to deteriorate and causes your asphalt to weaken and crack, especially in the winter.

Gas, Oil, Antifreeze and Salts :     These elements can cause soft and weak spots to appear into your asphalt' surface because they are of a petroleum nature. 

Sun and Oxidation :     Asphalt that is not sealed can oxidize from the sun's heat. This can cause your asphalt to become very brittle, causing it to crack and deteriorate.  

Driveway errosion sun chemicals rain freezing


Asphalt errosion and protection

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What is Asphalt

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, binder and filler, used for constructing and maintaining roads, parking areas, railway tracks, ports, airport runways, bicycle lanes, sidewalks and also play- and sport areas.

Aggregates used for asphalt mixtures could be crushed rock, sand, gravel or slags. Nowadays, certain waste and by-products, such as construction and demolition debris, are being used as aggregates, which increases the sustainability of asphalt.

In order to bind the aggregates into a cohesive mixture a binder is used. Most commonly, bitumen is used as a binder

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